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When & The place to Go (High Suggestions)

With regards to spring in Japan, most individuals would instantly consider the nation’s famed sakura (桜) or cherry blossom flowers which have lengthy since attracted thousands and thousands of vacationers all over the world. This comes as no shock as a result of its charming magnificence envelops each city and pure sights in a fragile pink hue! (Spring Flowers in Japan)

Do you know? The sakura is claimed to be Japan’s unofficial nationwide flower!

Greatest locations for Japan cherry blossom viewing?

Take a look at the forecast map and prime spots for Japan cherry blossom!

Nevertheless, there’s extra to Japan’s spring season than these common pink blooms! Actually, there are various completely different sorts of spring flowers in Japan which are extremely sought-after.

That is particularly seen within the attitudes of locals who’ve inadvertently ingrained Japanese flowers into their tradition — in any case, you may see them included in plenty of artwork objects, clothes, festivals, and even on their passports.

  • Hanami (花見): The standard Japanese customized of having fun with the transient fantastic thing about flowers (hana), often by holding an out of doors social gathering.
  • Hanakotoba (花言葉): That is the Japanese type of the language of flowers wherein flowers are given codes in order that feelings may be conveyed to the recipient with out using phrases.
  • Ikebana (生け花): The Japanese artwork of flower association which is counted as the three classical Japanese arts of refinement (the opposite two are kōdō for incense appreciation and chadō for tea).

Some folks say that the explanation for the Japanese’s fascination for flowers and nature alike lies of their Shinto perception whereby gods exist in each residing factor; thus, making them respect even the smallest plant there’s!

So if you wish to immerse your self on this similar appreciative outlook of the locals, listed below are the highest spring flowers in Japan that you must be aware of in your go to in an effort to be part of associated flower pageant celebrations, in addition to witness grand Japanese gardens, flower fields, and parks of their peak blooming season!

High picture by: Shutterstock

High Spring Flowers in Japan

» Azalea or “Tsutsuji” (Rhododendron)

Bunkyo Azalea Pageant picture by: Shutterstock

(つつじ) Azaleas or tsutsuji are among the most favored spring flowers in Japan. Again within the olden occasions, azaleas had been used to wish for a bountiful harvest; these days, the flower took on a unique that means as it’s usually considered an emblem of endurance and modestness.

For one of the best locations to view this sort of flower, you must be aware of the next…

  • (TAKEO) Mifuneyama Rakuen Park: Discovered on the western foot of Mt. Minfune, this can be a huge nationwide monument park that’s about 150,000 sq. meters! Within the peak of spring, locals flock to this spot to view the 1000’s of pink and purple azaleas which are backdropped by the boat-shaped mountain.
  • (OSAKA) Narukawa Azalea Backyard: This stunning Japanese backyard is hidden inside Mt. Ikoma and it might solely be reached by foot — a worthy journey that you could do when in Osaka since you’ll love the overwhelming colours of the azalea bushes that may develop larger than 5 toes! (Aside from azaleas, the park additionally has cherry blossom timber for viewing).
  • (TOKYO) Bunkyo Azalea Pageant: Additionally known as Tsutsuji Matsuri, this pageant of azalea flowers is held in Nezu Shrine which is without doubt one of the oldest shrines in Tokyo. Yearly, company attend this pageant to witness over 3,000 azalea flowers with over 100 genus varieties. Whereas there, don’t overlook to drop by the shrine’s well-known pond and Senbon Torii (a tunnel-like pathway that’s lined up with a number of torii gates).
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) April 8 to Might 5
  • (NEAR KYOTO) Mt. Katsuragi: This mountain is well accessible by bus or ropeway and if you wish to have a panoramic view of the ocean of pink and crimson azaleas, you solely must do a 90-minute scenic hike to the highest.
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Early April to Early Might

– – –

» Cherry Blossom or “Sakura” (Prunus Serrulata)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

(桜) In fact, sakura is without doubt one of the prime spring flowers in Japan that you could completely witness. It blooms for a short while (about 10 days solely) so you must time your go to properly.

I’ve already written extensively about one of the best occasions and one of the best spots to go to in Japan for cherry blossoms, so don’t overlook to click on on the hyperlink beneath!

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  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Mid to Late March

– – –

» Creeping Phlox or “Rurikarakusa” (Nemophila Menziesii)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

Rurikarakusa is a low-growing plant that has fairly child blue flowers — which frequently makes it achieve the identify ‘child blue eyes’. It helps to notice that that is a part of the nemophila genus group of flowers; nevertheless, this specific sort refers back to the ‘insignis blue’ selection.

So in case you’re in TOKYO, you may head over to the Showa Memorial Park close to Tachikawa Station to view this blue magnificence. In any other case, head north to see the Instagrammable view proven within the picture above known as as…

  • (IBARAKI) Hitachi Seaside Park: It is a well-known park that’s liked for its seasonal flowers all year long, however it’s principally visited in spring due to its sea of blue nemophila that quantity over 4 million!!! It’s completely densely coated that it’s going to appear to be you’re strolling within the sky.
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Late April to Mid-Might

– – –

» Iris or “Airisu or Ayame” (Iris Germanica)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

(アイリス) Japan’s iris is an early summer time flower (with its peak often in June) nevertheless it’s a sight you could not miss whereas within the nation throughout spring as a result of it usually begins to bloom within the latter weeks.

Symbolizing the that means of fine information and loyalty, you’ll find plenty of irises in numerous shades of purple, violet, yellow, and white in a few of these prime spots…

  • (IBARAKI) Itako Iris Pageant: Within the Maekawa Iris Backyard in addition to alongside the bridges of Itako Metropolis, you’ll find round one million irises from over 500 varieties which are in bloom from late Might to early June. (Plus, in case your journey overlaps to June, you may even watch the well-known conventional marriage ceremony processions that they do by boat.)
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) Might 22 to June 10
  • (TOKYO) Katsushika Iris Pageant: This pageant is held in two parks: Horikiri Shobuen Iris Backyard (residence to six,000 iris crops of 200 varieties) and Mizumoto Park (with about 14,000 irises of 100 varieties).
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) Might 26 to June 21
  • (TOKYO) Meiji Jingu Gyoen: Head over to the Meiji Shrine’s backyard to see the show of over 150 forms of shobu irises!
  • (KYOTO) Heian Jingu Shrine: That is an incredible shrine in Kyoto and if you wish to see a picturesque show of irises, go to Byakko Pond on the west of the shrine’s backyard! There will likely be over 2,000 of them there in a myriad of shapes and colours, so don’t overlook to cost your cameras!
  • (KYOTO) Ota Shrine: This is part of the Kamigamo Shrine household and it’s well-known for its irises that develop within the close by pond.
  • (KAMAKURA) Meigetsuin Temple: Locals love to go to this temple to witness two flowers that are the ajisai (hydrangea) and the airisu (iris). The hydrangeas moderately bloom in the summertime however the irises bloom earlier on the finish of spring, so simply head over to the temple’s inside backyard to see an abundance of this flower.
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Late Might to Early June

– – –

» Lilac or “Rairakku” (Syringa)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

This is without doubt one of the greatest spring flowers in Japan that has an early bloom time and if there’s one place within the nation that could be a MUST to see for this, it is going to be to Hokkaido’s Sapporo!

  • (HOKKAIDO) Sapporo Lilac Pageant: After an extended winter, Japanese locals flock to Honshu island’s Sapporo to be part of this well-known pageant that first started in 1959! Since then, the lilac has been the official flower of Sapporo and you may greatest witness it within the following parks…
    • Odori Park: About 400 lilac timber, and in case you come on the primary day of the pageant, you’ll obtain FREE lilac seedlings as a present!
    • Kawashimo Park: Has a beautiful lilac forest that quantity a couple of thousand. You’ll additionally love the encompassing occasions for the pageant similar to performances, workshops, and lots of others.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) Might 20 to 31
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Mid to Late Might

– – –

» Moss Phlox / Pink Moss or “Shibazakura” (Phlox Subulata)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

Moss phlox is without doubt one of the most wonderful spring flowers in Japan! They’re such tiny five-petaled flowers that develop fairly shut, that’s why when they’re planted in nice numbers, the surroundings will seemingly seem like it has shaped a pure carpet.

The perfect locations to go to in an effort to see the moss phlox or shibazakura in its full glory can be…

  • (YAMANASHI) Fuji Shibazakura Pageant: (Pictured above) This takes place yearly in Fuji Motosuko Resort, a flower park within the Yamanashi Prefecture that’s near Mt. Fuji and situated someplace south of Lake Motosuko within the 5 Fuji Lakes space. The intensive area of shibazakura flowers right here is without doubt one of the largest within the larger Tokyo space, embracing about 1 million shibazakura in several colours! You’ll love how the flowers roll out endlessly in lawns of blushing crimson, pink, creamy white, in addition to a contact of purple, and in these carpeted fields, there’s nothing obstructing your view of Mt. Fuji (particularly on a transparent day!).
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) April 17 to Might 30
  • (SAITAMA) Hitsujiyama Park: Another can be this spot in Chichibu that’s nearer to Tokyo. Albeit smaller than the previous, this scenic park nonetheless boasts about 400,000 shibazakura so that you can get pleasure from!

– – –

» Peach or “Momo” (Prunus Persica)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

(桃) In the event you’re searching for spring flowers in Japan which are virtually much like the look of a sakura tree (though quite a bit pinker), then peach blossoms might be one in all your prime decisions! Usually considered an emblem of purity or femininity, peach flowers are a bit more durable to search out than the remainder of the spring blooms — BUT, there’s one place the place you may simply discover it (and it may be a simple day journey from Tokyo!).

  • (YAMANASHI) Fuefuki: This metropolis boasts acres and acres of peach farms carpeting its valley (it’s, in any case, the biggest producer of peaches in Japan), and in case you time your go to properly, you may even be part of their annual Peach Blossom Pageant or Togenkyo Spring Pageant that’s sometimes held on the Yatsushiro Furusato Park.
    • Attempt to hang around within the metropolis till nighttime once they do fireworks and illumination occasions.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) March 20 to April 10
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Mid-April to Mid-Might

– – –

» Peony or “Botan” (Paeonia)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

(牡丹) Would you like bigger spring flowers in Japan? Then peonies that sometimes symbolize bravery ought to be in your Japan itinerary!

  • (TOKYO) Ueno Toshogu Peony Backyard: Discovered inside Ueno Park, this can be a great spot to not solely view peonies in bloom however to additionally get some respite from the town’s bustling scene. Simply take be aware that the backyard is just open to the general public twice a 12 months so please verify their web site for particulars.
  • (NARA) Hase-dera Temple Peony Pageant: The temple of Hase-dera is sometimes called a flower temple due to the way it showcases blooming flowers year-round — probably the most well-known of which is its peonies! Planted a couple of thousand years in the past, you’ll love the variety of peony timber within the temple grounds, and in case you might come right here with a kimono rental, the higher it is going to be for picture ops.
  • (SADO ISLAND) Chokokuji Temple Peony Pageant: In the event you’re already in Chubu‘s Niigata space, attempt to head over to Sado Island to witness this 2-day pageant for peonies whereby you may attend a tea ceremony in addition to different performances.
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Mid-April to Mid-Might

– – –

» Plum Blossom or “Ume” (Prunus Mume)

Inabe Plum Grove picture by: Shutterstock

Plum blossoms or ume are literally the primary to bloom among the many spring flowers in Japan, so it’s sometimes called an indication of how spring has arrived. As such, flower viewing or hanami was first performed for plum flowers, not the sakura; to not point out that plum blossoms even last more for a couple of month, as in comparison with sakura that solely lasts about 7 to 10 days.

Attempt to not mistake this for sakura (since they do look considerably alike) and revel in its magnificence within the following spots…

  • (ATAMI) Atami Baien Plum Pageant: This is without doubt one of the greatest plum viewing spots in Japan provided that the timber are one of many earliest sorts to bloom (round 2nd week of January). There are about 400 plum timber right here and through the pageant, you’ll get to see some performances too!
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) January 9 to March 7
  • (TOKYO) Bunkyo Plum Blossom Pageant: Held in Yushima Tenmangu shrine, this is without doubt one of the most well-known flower occasions within the capital and also you’ll discover over 300 plum timber unfold about contained in the shrine.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) February 7 to March 7
  • (FUKUSHIMA) Hanamiyama Park: Roughly 300 plum timber are planted on the hillside of this mountain park (after which, various different spring flowers will steadily bloom similar to forsythia, magnolia, camellia, cherry blossoms and others).
  • (MIE) Inabe Plum Grove (Inabe Bairin): This is without doubt one of the largest plum gardens in Japan that homes over 4,500 timber! Given its quantity, the town holds an annual Inabe Plum Pageant or Inabe Ume Matsuri that draws plenty of guests.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) March 9
  • (MIE) Suzuka Forest Backyard: Present in the identical prefecture as Inabe Plum Grove, that is an fascinating Japanese backyard that you must go to if you wish to witness a unique plum variant. In spite of everything, this panorama backyard is understood for shidare ume or weeping plum wherein because the identify goes, the plum blossoms drape over the branches fantastically!
  • (MITO) Kairakuen: It is a huge landscaped backyard in Ibaraki Prefecture and it’s considered one of many 3 biggest gardens in Japan (alongside Kenrokuen Backyard in Kanazawa and Korakuen Backyard in Okayama). In right here, you’ll discover over 3,000 plum timber in 100 varieties and so they final for greater than a month!
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Late January to Early March

– – –

» Poppy or “Popi” (Papaver)

Chichibu picture by: Shutterstock

(雛芥子) When the sakura fades, poppy flowers come out to bloom in all its daring crimson colours! It will not be one of many frequent spring flowers in Japan as a result of the way it grows in only some locations, however in case you might handle to go to the next locations, it is going to undoubtedly be value it.

  • (SAITAMA) Chichibu: Situated close to Tokyo is a highland known as Chichibu Kogen Bokujo and inside, you’ll find a 12-acre flower zone the place over thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of poppies are grown! Aside from the standard crimson ones, you can even discover white and pink poppies within the fields.
  • (KANAGAWA) Kurihama Hana-no-Kuni Flower World: An enormous flower park wherein its fields are adourned by stunning poppies from Might to June! The superior reality about this place is that when the blossom season is ending, you’re allowed to chop or decide the poppies for FREE. (In the event you’re a fan of Godzilla, you’ll even discover an enormous statue of him on the highest of the hill wherein his tail has been reworked right into a slide).
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Mid-Might to Early June

– – –

» Rapeseed or “Nanohana” (Brassica Napus) / or Canola

Takikawa Rapeseed Area picture by: Shutterstock

Rapeseed or canola blossoms (completely different crops however they belong in the identical cabbage household and are sometimes confused for each other) are additionally one of the vital stunning spring flowers in Japan as a result of their bright-yellow hue! March is one of the best time to see them and among the locations to take a look at are…

  • (TOKYO) Hamarikyu Backyard: Close to Shimbashi Station in Odaiba is that this wonderful backyard the place you’ll find a carpet of rape blossoms (over 300,000 stalks of them!).
  • (CHIBA) Isumi Railway: In Chiba Prefecture, merely journey the Isumi Railway from Ohara Station to Kazusa-Nakano Station and watch as you move by canola fields which are lined by pretty sakura timber for so long as 15 kilometers! (In the event you’re a fan of Moomin characters, the prepare line is definitely a themed design for it).
  • (NISHI) Nokonoshima Park: A pure park that spans 15 hectares on the northern coast of Nokonoshima Island. There are completely different flowers that take the highlight each season, however the spring’s canola flowers are stated to be probably the most well-known. After all of the distinction of the brilliant yellow canolas in opposition to the brilliant blue sky and ocean are a picturesque combine!
  • (KANAGAWA) Yokohama: This city has the biggest cultivation area of canola and rapeseed flowers in Japan! The crops bloom in Might and lasts for a couple of month. If you wish to witness a celebration, come through the 2-day Rape Blossom Pageant that’s often held on the third Sunday of Might and you may see an enormous rape blossom maze, a marathon, and another occasions.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) Might 18 to 19
  • (HOKKAIDO) Takikawa Rapeseed Area: Do you know? This area was chosen as one of many “High 100 Inspirational Locations of Hokkaido”, which makes whole sense as a result of the yellow carpet of rape blossoms is actually phenomenal! Yearly in addition they maintain a Takikawa Rape Flower Pageant (Nanohana Matsuri) that 1000’s of holiday makers sit up for in spring!
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) Late Might
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Mid-March to Early April

– – –

» Tulip or “Churippu” (Tulipa)

Photograph by: Shutterstock

(チューリップ) You don’t must enterprise far to the Netherlands to see fields of tulips as a result of Japan has plenty of wonderful fields which you can get pleasure from whilst you’re in Asia!

  • (TONAMI) Tonami Tulip Honest: Celebrated on the grounds of Tonami Tulip Park, this 2-week truthful has received to be the most well-liked occasion for viewing tulips in Japan! Moreover, Tonami metropolis is the main producer of tulip bulbs within the nation and as a solution to have fun this endeavor, the truthful is held to showcase over 2 million tulips on countless fields and flowerbeds.
    • Tonami Tulip Gallery: One other a part of the tulip truthful is that this exhibition corridor the place company can view tulips NOT solely through the spring’s truthful however for the remainder of the 12 months too! They’ve actually applied an fascinating know-how and it’s a particular must-see.
    • Honest Date: (TBC) April 22 to Might 5

READ: Exploring Tonami Tulip Gallery

  • (TOKYO) Showa Memorial Park: It is a massive park (koen) in Tokyo that has completely different sorts of flowers, however its most spectacular backyard must be the tulips space wherein you’ll discover over 200,000 tulips!
  • (SAKURA) Sakura Furusato Hiroba: That is one of the best place to go to close Tokyo for viewing tulips! Time your go to throughout their pageant, Sakura Tulip Festa, and also you’ll get to glimpse over 600,000 tulip flowers of various colours (backdropped by a Dutch-style windmill too!).
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) April 3 to 25
  • (HOKKAIDO) Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park: In the event you plan to journey across the northern a part of Japan in spring, don’t overlook to drop by the Okhotsk area to go to this park that has over 1.2 million tulips!
  • (NIIGATA) Gosen Tulip Pageant: As a serious producer of tulips in Niigata prefecture, Gosen holds a tulip pageant yearly as they showcase roughly 1.5 million tulips in various colours.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) April 15 to late Might
  • (NAGASAKI) Huis Ten Bosch: As you’ll discover from the identify, this can be a place that recreates a Dutch city and it’s really a theme park that’s named after one of many residences of the Dutch Royal household. From the second that you simply step into its grounds, you’ll really feel such as you’re transported to Europe given its windmill constructions, lengthy canals, and total structure — and naturally, true to its identify, you’ll discover a colourful tulip area right here to get pleasure from!
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Late April to Early Might

– – –

» Wisteria or “Fuji” (Wisteria Sinensis)

Ashikaga Flower Park picture by: Shutterstock

Wisteria would possibly simply be one of many prime favourite spring flowers in Japan particularly for individuals who wish to take gorgeous pictures! As you may see, this can be a lengthy trailing vining plant wherein its blue to purple flowers fantastically cascade down from its branches. The vines can get fairly heavy although so they’re usually adorned alongside archways or pergolas.

For one of the best locations to do wisteria viewing, they’re…

  • (FUKUOKA) Kawachi Fujien Backyard: It is a non-public botanical backyard that’s well-known worldwide for its two Wisteria Tunnels which are stuffed with various shades of wisteria colours and variants — blue, pink, purple, and white (as seen within the topmost picture of this publish).
    • TIP: E book a hassle-free tour to Kawachi Fujien! On account of its excessive recognition, it’s advisable to e book your tickets as early as March in an effort to enter the backyard.
    • Opening Date: (TBC) April 20 to Might 6
  • (TOCHIGI) Ashikaga Flower Park: It’s simple to see why CNN named this park as one of many prime 10 worldwide dream locations as a result of, with its 94,000sqm expanse stuffed with a whole bunch of wisteria timber, guests are certain to have a dreamy time! On account of its recognition, the Nice Wisteria Pageant can be held right here which is acknowledged as a ‘Nationwide Heritage Evening View’ spot — so don’t overlook to remain within the park after darkish.
    • Take the time to see the colossal 100-year-old fuji (wisteria) tree within the park, together with its 80-meter white wisteria tunnel and golden Kibana wisteria tunnel.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) April 13 to Might 19
  • (TOKYO) Kaameido Tenjinja Shrine: In the event you can’t enterprise out removed from Tokyo, this shrine is your greatest guess for viewing wisterias. There are over 15 trellises right here of over 100 wisteria varieties. Add the great ambiance of the shrine together with its ambient moon bridges, you’ll absolutely be snapping images continuous!
  • (AICHI) Tennogawa Park: Discovered close to Nagoya, that is the positioning of the yearly Owari Tsushima Wisteria Pageant. There are 275-meter wisteria trellises right here that stretch out throughout the canal and its reflection on the floor of the water actually makes this a photogenic location!
    • TIP: Discovered not too distant is Mandaraji Temple which is one other wisteria viewing spot! Attempt to squeeze it in your issues to do in Japan whilst you’re already within the Aichi prefecture’s Nagoya.
    • Pageant Date: (TBC) April 20 to Might 5
  • (HYOGO) Shirai Omachi Fuji Park: It is a massive park of seven,000sqm and it’s residence to 150 wisteria timber that type a pergola that’s 500 meters lengthy and 4 meters vast!
  • EXPECTED BLOOM PERIOD: Late April to Early Might

• • •

High Gardens or Flower Parks in Japan

In the event you’re trying as an alternative for a listing of gardens, parks, or flower fields that maintain a spread of spring flowers in Japan in simply ONE place, then right here they’re!

» (HOKKAIDO) Furano Flower Fields

Shikisai no Oka picture by: Shutterstock

Furano Flower Fields is a set of assorted flower farms which are situated on the island of Hokkaido. Because the identify implies, this place is legendary for the abundance of flowers that it holds. Actually, it’s principally identified for its lavender and sunflowers fields similar to that of the famed Farm Tomita — nevertheless, these crops are solely in full bloom in the summertime.

Nonetheless, exterior of the lavender season is its vibrant spring wherein flowers like poppies, lilies, rapeseed, and lupins are in bloom. Take be aware to undergo Hanabito Kaido (Flower Highway) wherein you’ll find an array of farms exhibiting numerous flowers.

  • Don’t overlook to make a stopover to the close by city of Biei to see the favored Shikisai no Oka area (pictured above). That is the largest flower park in Furano space at 7 hectares because it showcases a variety of seasonal flowers on rainbow-looking fields (poppies, pansies, lupines, campanulas, dahlias, marigolds, tulips, and so forth).

– – –

» (NEAR TOKYO Spring Flowers in Japan) Showa Memorial Park

Photograph by: Shutterstock

Additionally known as as Showa Kinen Park, this expanse is situated on the outskirts of Tokyo in Tachikawa. Spanning at 160 hectares, this can be a nationwide park that presents a wide range of flower fields, museums, pure areas, and services everywhere in the 12 months.

Throughout spring, locals and vacationers recognize the great thing about nature by witnessing an amazing number of spring flowers similar to cherry blossoms and tulips with completely different colours. Locals additionally love the nanohana (rapeseed) and poppies that develop abundantly on Flower Hill. (The park additionally holds an annual flower pageant from late March to Might.)

– – –

» (SHIZUOKA) Hamamatsu Flower Park

Photograph by: Shutterstock

It is a botanical backyard discovered on Lake Hamana and it affords about 100,000 crops of three,000 varities unfold about in an space of over 30,000sqm. All all year long, company can benefit from the backyard as completely different flowers bloom similar to plum blossoms, apricots, roses, cherries, tulips in addition to many others.

Aside from this, there’s additionally a big greenhouse known as Crystal Palace, a big water fountain present, a Flower Practice bus, a number of garden plazas, and common occasions that individuals can get pleasure from.

– – –

» (OITA) Kuju Flower Park

Photograph by: Shutterstock

Discovered on the bottom of the Kuju Mountains at an altitude of 850 meters, this can be a massive flower plateau in Oita that has a greenhouse and spacious fields of about 3 million crops in additional than 500 completely different varieties!

In the event you’re fortunate sufficient and also you come on a transparent day, you’ll get an incredible backdrop view of the Kuju Mountain Vary, making it such an incredible scene to image.

– – –

» (TOTTORI) Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park

Photograph by: Shutterstock

Additionally known as as Tottori Flower Gallery, that is one more a kind of Japanese flower parks the place you may be surrounded by various completely different flowers mixed with scenic views and constructions — one in all which is the well-placed glass greenhouse that’s on the middle of the park.

Visitors also can get pleasure from a flower hill and a European backyard within the neighborhood. The perfect half? Entry throughout spring is just ¥1,000 ($9~) for adults and ¥500 for youthful folks; plus, it comes with a FREE shuttle bus that operates from JR Yonago Station.

– – –

» (MIYAZAKI) Ikoma Kogen Plateau

Photograph by: Shutterstock

A colourful plateau discovered on the foot of Mt. Kirishima and this huge space tackle vivid colours come springtime because the fields are ‘painted’ with rapeseed, pansies, and poppies (in the summertime there are salvias and adopted by cosmos in autumn).

Lots of people favor this place given its sweeping views of the close by mountains in addition to the Nishimoro Basin.

• • •

» High Japan Excursions «

Kyoto Tour
Go to temples, Arashiyama and lots of others!

• • •


Japan is actually a magical setting through the spring season and the above gardens, flower fields, parks, and spots can attest to that!

So if you wish to expertise one thing new apart from cherry blossoms throughout spring, you must undoubtedly go to the locations talked about above.

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